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Thattekad Photography trip blog
South IndiaNov 15, 2023


Join us on a thrilling birding adventure in Thattekad and Munnar as we pursue elusive endemics like the Nilgiri Sholakili and Sri Lanka Bay Owl. From predawn drives to nocturnal mysteries, each day unveils new challenges and unexpected triumphs. Our journey is a symphony of feathers and fate, capturing the essence of these winged wonders in the heart of South India.

Masai Mara Photography trip blog
AfricaAug 20, 2023

Masai Mara

Embarked on an unforgettable journey deep into the heart of Africa's wilderness. Our Masai Mara adventure was a tapestry of emotions, where beauty and brutality, grace, and ruthlessness collided in a symphony of life and death. Witness the marvels of Masai Mara through our eyes.

Tadoba Photography trip blog
TigersApr 01, 2023


My first visit to the vibrant Tadoba Tiger Reserve, in pursuit of the endangered big cat. From mesmerizing encounters with majestic tigers like Rudra, and Maya to the thrill of following Choti Madhu's pursuit, every moment was a lesson in the untamed beauty of nature.


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I'm Saptagirish Oleti, a wildlife photographer based in Bangalore, India, with a deep passion for capturing the exquisite beauty and grace of birds in their natural habitats.

My journey into photography spans over a decade, initially starting as a simple hobby. It all began with a desire to cherish and document precious moments with my children. However, my fascination with photography took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon breathtaking wildlife imagery online. This discovery ignited a new sense of exploration and curiosity within me, driving me to venture into the world of wildlife photography...

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