- Software engineer by profession and a wildlife photographer by passion.

My interest in wildlife photography is an accident, well an excellent one indeed. I had interest in wildlife from childhood but that was limited to NatGeo on TV or a trip or two into the wild with family and friends, nothing more, nothing less. My impression was that serious wildlife photography is the exclusive domain of big production houses.

One fine day, when I was searching for information on cameras to buy one to photograph my kids, I tumbled upon some of the wildlife photography websites. I was amazed for a moment by looking at the photos and knowing that those were photographed at places around where I live. That changed my perception towards wildlife photography. The journey that started just as a curiosity offered incredible experiences. In last few years, apart from making few good photographs, I had many amazing and life enriching experiences. The thought that I haven’t yet explored even a minuscule of wilderness excites me and I am looking forward to it.

Photographing birds in their natural habitat is quite a challenging task. One need to understand the habitat, bird behavior and should be there at right time. Smaller the bird more agile it is and freezing it in proper angle needs lot of patience. But the end result, beautiful colors and interesting behaviors of these birds, is very rewarding and satisfying.

I would like to thank everyone who inspired me knowingly or unknowingly.