Feathers and Frames: Capturing Gajoldoba's Avian Beauties

Feb 02, 2023

Gajoldoba is a wetland area located in West Bengal, India, and it is known for its rich bird life. It is an important habitat for migratory and resident birds and is considered to be one of the best birding destinations in India. Some of the notable bird species that can be seen in Gajoldoba include Lesser Whistling Duck, Bar-headed Goose, Grey-headed Lapwing, Black-tailed Godwit, Ruddy Shelduck, and several species of Storks, Kingfishers, and Egrets. Gajoldoba is also home to a number of critically endangered species like the Swamp Francolin, which is a type of partridge found only in the wetlands of East India and Bangladesh. In addition to bird watching, visitors to Gajoldoba can also enjoy activities like boating and fishing, as well as visiting nearby tea gardens and temples.